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Janské Lázně is very popular tourist destination in Giant Mountains (Krkonoše), as it became the centre of winter and summer sport activities and spa type relaxation at the foot of Černá hora. Thousands of tourists visit the local mountain range during summer and winter seasons for their unforgettable experiences and relaxation in this popular spa town and the largest ski resort in the country.


Bike and trails

There are numerous hiking and bike trails in the immediate surroundings of our picturesque township. There are also maintained trails and roads, which are perfect for your ride down from the top of the Giant Mountain (Černá Hora) on one of the rented mountain scooters and enjoy the spectacular views that this mountain offers. There are several locations, where you can rent mountain bikes, scooters, electric bikes and quad motorbikes, which will take you on a fun ride through the fairy-tale landscapes around Janské Lázně.


Treetop trail

You can also visit the Treetop trail, which is located in Janské Lázně and is one of the sought out attractions of the Krkonoše Mountains. The trail length is over 1300 meters and its height of 45 meters will take you well above the treetops of the giant trees, which surround it. You can also visit a learning centre, located under the massive wooden tower, which will allow you to learn about the geological makeup of the local mountains and the intricate tree root system of the local spruce trees. Oh, and do not forget to ride the toboggan down from the top of the huge tower for a bit of adrenaline rush.



Ski-Resort ČERNÁ HORA – PEC is the largest ski resort in the Czech Republic.
You will find here:

  • 44 km of ski slopes with a single ski pass.
  • 8-seater cable car to the top of Černá Hora
  • Numerous other lifts
  • Sledge track
  • Five interconnected ski areas.
  • Longest ski slopes in the country – up to 3 km long
  • Children-friendly zones with facilities for younger skiers
  • Various ski attractions such as fun line tracks with banked curves
  • Giant-slalom/downhill ski track with time measuring.
  • There are numerous ski-schools in the area
  • Magic carpets and children’s lifts are available in four out of five areas
  • Ski-tour, which will take you between the areas of the resort by a snowcat
  • Ski buses will transport you between the areas of the resort



We should not forget Sněžka, the highest mountain of Czech Republic, which lies only 14 km from the hotel. A modern cable car will take you to the top of the mountain, which is split in half by the border of Czech Republic and Poland. In case you feel adventurous, you can also hike up to the top by numerous trails that will surely test your ability.



After a long day of skiing or hiking, you will surely appreciate the services of Janské Lázně Wellness Centre, which is open to our guests all year round. This facility boasts an indoor pool, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, sauna and a steam room.


The Colonnade

As in the old days, you can explore the Art Nouveau spa Colonnade and taste the local healing springs. The world fame that Janské Lázně has acquired throughout the history is particularly credited to the treatment of serious musculoskeletal system diseases and central and periphery neurological system diseases. Come and enjoy the healing powers of the local springs and the quiet walks through the tranquil streets of this special town and surrounding forest trails.

There are also other activities, which are close and might interest you, such as ZOO in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Adršpašské skály (the Rock Labyrinth), Vrchlabí Museum or Glassworks in Harrachov. We can even organize a visit to a typical Czech brewery or a trip to the neighbouring Poland.